There is Only One of You – Enjoy Your Extraordinary Life with Verve and Power

I started my coaching journey when a job I identified with, ended abruptly. COVID-19 changed my life.  I became depressed, felt unworthy and at a loss of what to do next.  My three adopted children were grown, my husband retired, and I knew I did not want to retire.  I needed a career but didn’t know what my purpose or path was.
So, I hired a coach.  I enrolled in 2 certified life coach programs, read spiritual and self-growth books, watched YouTube videos, and remembered my time working with Mind Dynamics and Erhard Seminar Training.  I remembered coaching people and being a meditation leader in my 20s before marriage and children.  I remembered how much  I loved doing this and the positive impact and change people experienced.   So …..

When MindValley, Evercoach and Eben Pagan offered certifications in Life Coaching I enrolled immediately.   I am a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Meditation Leader.
I am recognized as a guide, a “go to” person to discuss how to get things done, create more time, live a more balanced life and to be happy and glad to be alive.  I know how to connect the dots to achieve success in as an individual and the small business and entrepreneur world and to be a recognized brand. I help CEOs be more confident, solve problems, edit situations, and create opportunities.

In addition to living, being a successful marketing coach and consultant for 40 years, I completed more than 100 hours of training and practice coaching to be awarded  my MindValley/Evercoach Certified Life Coach and Meditation Leader Certificate.

I’ve learned how to edit life and how to give others this tool of editing so they can live life their unique self, their way.  I learned that how I perceive the world may not be true nor resonate with others.  I’ve leaned to be, think, dress and act congruently with me.  What a relief. I can give you these tools too.  Just ask.

My epiphany that I actually was a coach came when I was coaching a CEO who wanted to take her company in a different direction and was facing objections from her board. Together we examined the objections and positives of the direction.  She looked and understood their viewpoints.    She rose to the top of her game, increased revenues and crafted a better work environment, by taking the time to reflect and consider the point of view of her board, clients, and her goals.  It was a win win for everyone.


Dear Coach Alison Wilson:

Thanks for your continued coaching.  Your strategies enlighten my understanding of the benefits of win-win situations, remind me to enjoy life, and enhance my skills in communication and leadership.
Margaret K. Lee, M. A., Multicultural Education. & Administration

Alison is the perfect nurturing and supportive coach who creates space for you to reflect and go deeper… She’s there to guide you with transformational questions that get you to those little “a-has” that bring clarity. When she shares her perspectives, she’s wise and funny. She’s helped me to make big shifts in my fitness habits, and now I find joy in taking care of myself by going to yoga nearly everyday.   -J. Jake

Alsie is a sincere, dedicated and authentic coach.

Her passion for transformation, curiosity, and desire to serve others combine to make her a great selection for a coach.  Alsie’s inclusive nature and genuine care others to share in an open and safe container.

The skill set and emotional intelligence she displays add to her qualities as a person, coach and mentor. Also is a great coach!  – JP Horgan Next Steps Academy